Monday, June 17, 2013

Livy - 6 Months

She is too cute. I could snuggle her all day!! 


So I was looking through my old pictures on my phone and I noticed there are some I just had to share of the girls. I have posted a lot pictures on Instagram of them but I feel like a lot of those look more posed because I tend to post the ones where they're happily looking up at the camera and smiling. Here are some more candid ones. If anything, this represents a more normal life for us. Mom I think you'll appreciate this the most. I can totally see how my girls have a lot of personality. Never a dull moment around here!

The combover

Making funny sounds come out of her mouth

Loving her bumbo chair bath

Ouch. Someone's getting her toes pinched. Poor L!

Look where mom?

No more green smoothies this day, please mom.

Mmmmm an old dusty binky

Happiest day of her life (besides when she went to the car wash), two chocolate ice cream comes!

Giving Uncle Jeremy some silliness 

Hang on for the ride, stroller. Janes driving!

Cindy Loo-hoo

The Heber Train. Don't know what she's doing...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Olin Came to Town!

We got to see Olin for a day before he headed to the burg for another school semester! He was a pretty good guy to hang out with me and the babies. He was Jane's best buddy and from the moment we got home, him and Jane were up in her room playing. She wanted to hold his hand, watch Elmo with him, and even have him give her a bath. Can't wait to see ya again soon bro!

Happy Birthday Mason!!

Uncle Mas turned 19 this week! Woohoo! We really wished we coulda been in Alaska to share your birthday steak and chocolate cake with you so we ate a cupcake here instead. As you can tell, Jane was very serious about eating it herself (she's taking her grandpa's advice) ! We love you Mas and can't wait to see you soon!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Few Randoms

Because I don't know where to start after a break from the blog, here are a few entries I wrote to myself over the past couple of months.

Jan 22, 2013 (Livie is almost 2 months old)
This was my night last night. Jane goes to bed at 9:30. Jason goes to bed at 10. Livia goes to bed at 11. I go to bed at 11:30.
L wakes up at 12. We go back to bed at 12:30. Jane wakes up at 1:30. We go back to bed at 2am. L wakes up at 5:30. Jason wakes up at 5:30. Jane wakes up at 6:30. We all go back to bed at seven except for Jason, he goes to work. L wakes up at nine I wake up at nine. Jane wakes up at 10:30. Just another day in paradise!!

Jan 30, 2013
Overall Livia is such a great baby and so sweet. She loves being a night owl and staying up really late and then sleeping all morning. To counteract this we've established that she can't sleep later than 5pm so we've been trying our best to wake her up when she dozes in the evenings. It's working ok but really hard to get her to wake up sometimes. The past several nights she's been going to sleep at 12:30am and then usually sleeping for 6 hours. I can't complain with that schedule.
I can't believe she just turned 2 months old today! She is getting so chubby and cute and really becoming more and more alert and awake. I love her so dang much!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Birth (Part 2)

Ok ok sorry to keep all you people (and by all you people I mean my mom ha) waiting with great anticipation! I'm finally on a real computer now and not just my phone so I am excited to finish up writing the story. So, here it is (maybe tmi for most but don't read it if you can't handle it haha), part 2.....

Jason rushed to my side with a wheelchair and alas wheeled me into the hospital and up to the fifth floor.

When we got to Triage the nurses were expecting me because my doctor had called them and told them I was on my way from Auburn. I couldn't talk and it felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen. All I wanted was the epidural!! They said they had to check me and the baby first before I could get the epidural so they did and I was dilated to a 4. It seemed like it took awhile to get me into the room and all set up with an IV but I know they were working pretty fast. The nurses told me I was having lots and lots of contractions. I knew I was and my contractions came that way with Jane as well - strong and hard - I was just progressing a lot quicker because it was my second baby.
When the anesthesiologist came I couldn't hold still from all the contractions and I was shaking pretty bad so I had to sit up and have Jason brace himself against me. I was just shaking so bad but trying to be still for the epidural to go in my back. Don't think they could have got it in me without Jason holding me. The thing about having so much pain with the contractions is that I didn't even feel the needle go in my back or care what the nurses and doctors were doing to me. All I could think about was get through this contraction! I told myself if I could just get through one more then I'd be ok! The pain got a little better about 10 mins after I got the epidural but I noticed it was only on one side. About 45 mins later they had to do it again and that took care of my other side. Finally I could breath and be comfortable! What a relief!!!! I think I was dilating to about a 6 then but the nurse said I had to wait until 11:45 to have the baby because I needed certain antibiotics to go through my system and the baby's system for four hours. Otherwise we'd have to stay an extra day at the hospital for the baby to be monitored. They didn't want her catching an infection.
During this time I just relaxed in the hospital bed and texted/called some people. I was so on cloud 9. The worst was over! I was super excited to have the baby and get to meet her. Jason was by my side in the room most of the time. He kept getting phone calls. One in particular was very exciting. The company he now works for was calling him to negotiate a job offer! Talk about interesting timing. Jason actually didn't answer his phone at first but they had left a message for him and he called back when he knew I was just resting. We knew it was a call about the job he really wanted, but didn't know exactly what news they were giving us. In my mind I was just praying it was good news! I didn't want Jason to get news that he didn't get the job then and be sad about it on this special day! Fortuately he got the good news and was pretty happy/smiling about that.
So fast forward to 11:40am. The doctor hadn't been checking to see if I was more dilated because she didn't want it to speed anything up. We really wanted this baby to be born after four hours of antibiotics (11:45) so we didn't have to stay longer at the hospital for the baby to be monitored. I hadn't been feeling much thanks to the awesome epidural but I knew the baby was down super low and could feel lots of pressure. The nurse just looking down and saw the baby's head crowning! I hadn't even begun to push but she was coming! So immediately the nurse rushed to get Dr. Geidt (my family doctor who delivered both babies) who had just arrived and was changing as quickly as possible. I started pushing at 11:42 and the baby was born at 11:44! Exactly 2 mins of pushing :) It was so awesome. I did tear a little though beause of the baby's arm being in a weird position. My first thoughts after seeing Livie is just being so happy and thinking that she looked very healthy and being so surprised to see all her hair!! We weren't expecting such a dark, curly haired girl but she was so beautiful. I just held her next to my skin and bonded with her. I remember the doctors were looking at my plaenta and they asked us if we wanted to see it. I didn't want to but Jason did. They said it belonged in a museum because it was so perfect ha?! It was awhie before they weighed her and did all that which was fine. They really wanted the baby to be with me skin to skin and I was so glad. I love this concept they have at Swedish.
A couple hours later she weighed in at 7 lbs 10 oz. Later that night my dad picked up Jane from the Roth's and brought her to the hospital to meet her sister. She didn't say anthing when she saw her papa holding the baby. She just smiled and acted shy. She did want to lay in bed with me a lot though and did give Livie a kiss. Jason's parents and Kenna came late that night as well. Jason broke the news to them about the job offer in Utah and they were doubly excited :) What a day!!

The next day Jason didn't have to go to work like he did with Jane so that was cool he could be there. He was trying to get us to finalize a name and I was just like "whatever hun" Nothing seemed to fit until he said "Livia" and I was actually holding her and she smiled! It was too perfect. We had to keep saying it and I'll admitt it had to grow on me but I love it now. We named her Livia Joy after my mom. It's so perfect because of the season and because my mom's birthday is only 3 days after L's. My dad was the first person we told about the name. He was there with Granny early that day. Granny got to hold her while the nurse did the pku test. Granny sure didn't want to give up holding her! The Gregorys stayed through the weekend and that was great to have them there. Then my mom came a few days later and staye most of the following week. I feel so blessed to have had such great family support! I wish everyone was so fortunate. And Jason got 2 weeks off from works which was such a blessing for me in the mornings when I could barely get out of bed to take care of Jane.

Overall I had very wonderful experiences at Swedish. Part of the sadness of leaving Seattle and moving to Utah was wrapped up in the fact that both my girls were born in that city by an amazing doctor. I wish I had gotten a picture of them together. Dr. Geidt has been so good to us and has seen us for everything and has always been there for anything we needed. I don't think we'll ever be able to replace her. Adieu!

11 Things I Adore About Jane

Jan 30 2013 - My Almost 2 yr old

1. Whenever the phone rings she will say "hey yo?" to herself.
2 She will repeat anything you say. Or the last word in your sentence. Yesterday I got her to say "nice baby" which sorta sounded like a robot saying it which was funny.
3. She will randomly come up to her baby sister and say "hi hi h" and put her face really close to Liv's. It is so sweet.
4. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She has a magnetic personality.
5. She loves to talk to her self. In the morning she'll stay in bed for an hour just talking to herself and singing. It's really a great way for her to practice her vocabulary. Today I heard her practically yelling the word "noodle" and she was saying it correctly for once. I think she knew it and was really proud of herself.
6. It may seem like she does things randomly but she is smarter than that. She makes connections in her brain between things that amazes me all the time. Yesterday she just started singing "up above the..." and later I saw that she was looking at a star on her hairclip.
7. Her words are adorable. She call swimsuits and fruit loops "zoop zoops".
8. She is intuitively helpful. Without me asking her to, she'll take dirty diapers and put them in the trash.
9. She loves to skip (aka gallop around with one stiff leg).
10. She is easily amused by animals and bugs. She likes giving the doggie and kitty (aka Travis and Cleo) pets and loves when she can. She always has a funny reaction to the bugs around the house. It's either "ew" or she stares at it and giggles and wants me to touch it.
11. When she wants my attention and I'm holding Livie, she comes to me and says "baby down.... Swing" or "boppy". She's becoming a little boss!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Birth (part 1)

I'm sitting here holding my sweet baby girl and wondering how I got to be so lucky to be her mom. Is this real? Was she really inside of me 2 weeks ago today? What a miracle.

I better tell the birth story before I forget some stuff. So first of all, the week leading up to the birth was a crazy one. I survived one night alone while Jason and Jane went to Utah. He had an interview there the day before Thanksgiving and decided to take Jane with him to give me a break. I was a little anxious about going into labor and being so far away from my hospital with no one to take me. But Jason called our neighbor ahead of time and put them on call for me. He made sure I was going to be taken care of in case I did go into labor. Thankfully I did not!

Well Jason also had scheduled a trip to Nebraska on Nov. 29 to interview with a company in Omaha. He scheduled the interview for the 30th with the hopes that I would have already had the baby and that I'd have family here to help me for the day and a half he'd be gone. But a couple days prior we were getting antsy with the baby a no show and me having contractions. We didnt want to again risk missing the birth but also didn't want to jeopardize Jason's chances at a potentially good job position by pushing back the interview. Jason felt external pressure to go. He thought about taking Jane there as well and called his cousin Bryson who lives in Lincoln and asked if him and his wife would take care of her while he interviewed. They were so nice to say yes of course.

Meanwhile my dad decided to schedule a trip down here for that time period, so I planned to go stay with him and my granny at her house. All seemed just peachy, except not really because Jason and I both felt a little unsettled about it all. There were so many "what ifs" and i was definitely hurting for a crystal ball. We were praying about it though and knew somehow it would work out. The day before he was supposed to leave Jason felt he should definitely cancel. It was like a burden was lifted after he placed the call.

The next day (thurs Nov 29) I picked my dad up from the airport and was feeling pretty good. I still had minor contractions pain and pressure but it wasn't anything new. I left my dad at granny's and went home to lay on the couch for awhile. I felt funny but didn't think I was going into labor. That's pretty much how my night went. Gradually the contractions got stronger though and about 3am I was sure I was going into labor. I took a shower and got ready and woke Jason up at about 4:30. I said something like "I think we're going to have to go to the hospital today". When that registered in his brain he was wide awake and sitting upright. i have never seen a man go from deep sleep to that alert with so few words (same thing when i went into labor with Jane).

By this time my contractions were 5 mins apart and my doctor told me I should come in. Jason got ready and sent some work emails out. At 5:30 we were getting ready to wake up Jane and my water broke. That's when the contractions started coming hard and painful. We sped off to drop Jane off at my friend Lacie's. My dad had a business meeting that morning or he would have taken her. We ran into slow traffic of course because of the morning rush hour and that was killer for me. I was beyond uncomfortable. My contractions were about every 3-4 mins and I just remember gripping the seatbelt and yelling and not being able to breathe. Jason was doing things like telling Jane to sing me the abcs but it only irritated me :) I must say he did a good job driving though. We got to Lacie's at 7am and Jason hastily dropped Jane off. We got to the hospital in Seattle at about 730 and when we got to the parking garage we couldn't find a wheelchair and I could not walk with all the pain. So Jason had to take an elevator somewhere to get a wheelchair. I remember him running through the parking garage and me sitting in the car with the door open yelling and panting and various people walking by who were probably on their way to work there saying to themselves "just another ordinary morning at the hospital!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big Sister

Everyone said Jane would get her world turned upside down when the new baby came but I have to say she has been adjusting a lot better than expected. The first three or four days she was pretty confused and said "mama" all the time and wanted to being doing everything the same as the baby. Feedings the baby usually meant meltdown time for Jane. But thanks to the extra pairs of hands around here to distract her she's done awesome the last week! She's actually been a really sweet sister and helps by bringing me things for the baby. Today the girls took their first car ride together and when Livie got fussy Jane gave her an Elmo doll. Jane loves to do things like try and comb Livies hair. We are just trying to teach her to be soft with the baby!

Here's a look at Jane when mommy doesn't dress her or do her hair. She's been very well taken care of I promise. These crack me up. I love this girl so much!

Going for a walk having a time out with Papa